Marine Valves & Fittings, Actuators & Quick-Closing Systems

lk valves


LK Valves started its activities in Norway in the mid 1980’s. Since then the company has grown in the Scandinavian and international market. LK Valves delivers valves, strainers and actuators to customers all around the globe. In-house production offers flexibility and possibilities to tailor-make valves, strainers and actuators to meet your specific needs. Modern testing equipment documents the performance before the product leaves LK Valves. Products range includes:

  • Butterfly valves

  • Ball valves

  • Globe valves

  • Gate valves

  • Fire valves

  • Quick closing valve systems

  • Self closing valves

  • Diaphragm valves

  • Strainers & Mud boxes

  • Check valves

  • Storm valves

  • Plug valves

  • Sounding cocks

  • Safety valves

  • Pressure reducing valves

  • Vacuum valves

  • Sight glasses

  • Pressure gauge valves

  • Needle valves

  • Float valves

  • Tank vent check valves

  • Blind flange valves

  • Actuators