Composite hoses for Marine Applications

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Dolphinflex is recognized since 1993 as top leader in composite hose technology for the petroleum, chemical industry and ship to shore & marine applications.

Dolphinflexcomposite hoses are light, strong, durable, highly flexible, anti-static and have the tensioned internal and external steel wire spirals. The complete range of composite hoses and fittings are developed, manufactured and tested under the quality control system of IMO / IBC regulations and applicable standards are BS EN 13765 and US coast guard regulations.

Dolphinflexhas been acquired ISO 9001 / KSA 9001Quality management system certification and type approvals certificates from classifications such as ABS, BV, DNV, NK, KR and LR.

Dolphinflex composite hoses are applied in a variety of fluid transportation for both marine and industrial applications including oil, chemical tank terminals, vapor recovery, LPG, LNG, etc. Their strong, durable, lightweight construction and flexibility make operators easy to handle in every respect. Depending on the maximum working pressure, their designed safety factor is 5:1 and electrical continuity is guaranteed by connection of the inner and outer wives to the end fitting.

Various end fittings are available to meet any required application like flange type, camlock, self-sealing type, or other special type (Dry break, emergency breakaway, safety release, swivel joints, etc).