Portable Tank Cleaning & Gas Freeing Fans


Scanjet portable tank cleaning equipment is operated usually on a flexible hose or in downpipe. Various models are available in bronze or stainless steel version and apply for any type of tank cleaning operation. All products are made in Sweden and are considered as top quality and highly reliable for operators. Accessory range includes hoses, hose saddles, hose connectors or adapters, y-pieces and valves to meet all possible requirements.

Scanjet portable water driven Gas Freeing Fan is suitable for use on all size and type of vessels. Air driven option is also available specifically designed for use on Chemical Carriers. It can also be used on all other types of vessels where air is preferable to water for operational reasons. The fan design was developed as a High Performance, Deep Penetration with “sealed for life” lubrication, able to operate also in reversible mode. Constructed from Stainless Steel and Aluminum, the fan is top-ranked for its lightweight which permits easy handling around the deck. Its production is in accordance with 9001 Quality Standards and maker’s certificate of conformity and accreditation are available on request.