Marine Lighting Solutions

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The Glamox-Aqua Signal Group is the leading supplier of lighting solutions to the marine and offshore markets. Consists of five brands; Aqua signal, Glamox, Høvik Lys, Luxo and Norselight, each to fulfill all your requirements with high quality and energy efficient systems for standard up to extreme applications. 

Glamox-Aqua Signal laboratories are some of the best equipped environmental test centers for lighting fixtures in Europe, recognized by Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (constant light measuring and control). An experienced staff of engineers & designer can professionally advise on any lighting application for marine or offshore installation.

Technical lighting

From interior fittings to outdoor watertight fittings, maker offers a complete marine approved range of lighting equipment having a large selection of optics with excellent light output, easy to install, maintenance friendly and with a high light distribution for safe and Ex-zones.

Floodlight for Safe Areas and for EX-zones

Floodlights are made according to world-wide marine standards for most difficult environments and Ex-zones based on our experience with the rough conditions at sea. We deliver the whole range in HS/HI, Halogen or High Energy saving LED floodlights.


Direct and bridge operated (manually), Remote operated, Halogen, Xenon and Metal Halide lamps, all designed to withstand the harsh conditions from tropics to the arctic sea. Range covers searchlights for small fishing boats, tug boats up to largest vessels, cruise ships, etc. and are even used as anti piracy measure.

Navigation lights

Full range of Navigation & Signaling lights for Safe or EX zones. Navigation can be with LED or incandescent lamps: Main and spare system in one housing, best materials are selected fully compatible for marine environment.


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