Instrument Package for LNG / LPG


Scanjet Macron can deliver instrumentation package for LNG / LPG vessels offering from well-esteemed makers below equipment;

  • Vortex, Coriolis, Conditioning Orifice Flow meters

  • Trim / List indicating system (2 axes servo-inclinometer, submersible, ATEX)

  • Pressure transmitters (differential, in line gauge, absolute measuring, atmospheric, etc.)

  • Pressure & differential pressure switches

  • Temperature sensors (Tank inside/bulkhead/Spray/dome vapour/Fuel Gas, Atmospheric/ Room Temp, E/R tanks Temp/Shaft BRG Temp. etc. )

All instruments are selected after detailed engineering and are delivered fully documented after thorough testing and assembling as per each one specification so that each measuring application is executed with maximum accuracy and reliability.