Composite Hoses

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Gutteling has been established in 1990’s in Rotterdam and provide a full range of high-quality composite hoses for a variety of operations in shipping, industrial and special applications. Hoses are produced with an internal and external wire of Stainless Steel 316, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum or special coated Steel. Lining can be from Polypropylene, PTFE or Hostaflon, depending on the chemical compatibility. Custom made design is possible to meet specific needs including high or low temperature resistant layers.

Gutteling provides composite hoses for Ship to Ship operations in accordance to the strictest international standards, like IMO, Bulk Carrier code & Gas Carrier code. These stringent international standards provide safety for the crew, ships and the environment. Also available are products for Ship to Shore operations, which are a combination of maritime environmental conditions as well as the rough handling conditions typically found at terminals. These hoses are in accordance with EN 13765 / EN 13766 (ISO 27126 / 27127) and international terminal guidelines such as ISGOTT.