Marine Insulation Products


Saint-Gobain is the world leader in the habitat and construction markets. It designs, manufactures and distributes building and high-performance materials, providing since 350 years innovative solutions to the challenges of growth, energy efficiency and environmental protection. As the world‘s leading insulation company, ISOVER has drawn attention to the importance of effective and sustainable insulation in technical areas, including Marine & Offshore, where effective insulation is not only needed to save energy, but also to provide fire safety, acoustical and thermal comfort.

ISOVER offers lightweight insulation solutions to be used in a wide variety of constructions and applications. Constructions consist of cruise ships, ferries, luxury yachts, military ships, offshore (accommodation platforms, jack-uprigs, living quarters, supply vessels…) Applications include; Fire protection of steel, aluminium and FRP structures, Sound protection, Thermal comfort, High temperature, Piping, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning ducts (HVAC), Interior accommodation components (fire doors, ceiling panels, sandwich panels, floating floor systems, air conditioning units)

Marine insulation products have resulted from more than 25 years of intense research by ISOVER and are produced thanks to a unique and patented fiberizing process. It results in a totally shot-free product, made of long fine interwoven fibres: a new generation of high-performance mineral wool with excellent fire protection properties and a drastically reduced weight (up to 50% lighter) when compared to traditional stonewool solutions.

Isover insulation offers a variety of benefits; Effective Fire Protection, Unique Lightness, Easy to Install, Thin Solutions, Optimal Acoustic Performance, Excellent Thermal Insulation, Optimal Logistics, Cost effective solutions, Active environmental protection.