Marine HVAC Systems

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Fläkt Woods has all the products needed to build a complete HVAC system and to create ventilation and comfort in cabins as well as public and service spaces. Product range comprises air handling units, air terminal devices, ducts, fans and regoterms, all developed and manufactured especially for Marine applications.

References of installation include most kinds of vessels from cruise ships and ferries to cargo and navy ships. Fläkt Woods supplies spare parts, utilizing Fläkt Woods global network for any HVAC system to ensure each vessel through life accessibility and profitability. Manufacturing process is certified under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS (environmental management). The aim of Fläkt Woods is to design for a good environment, a good indoor climate as well as low operating costs.

Fläkt Woods Group have vast experience from most kinds of applications from Cargo ships to the Offshore Industry, regardless if it comes to extreme environmental demands, like climate zones, explosion proof and sea water cooling, or other classification as well as regulation related demands.