Butterfly Valves for Oil&Gas and Cryogenic Applications

2015 Westad logo incl Klinger 1

Westad, located at Geithus, outside Oslo, designs and manufacture high performance double and triple offset butterfly valves in preferred materials for LNG, LPG, chemicals and other critical applications.

Besides Marine industry, applications include Off-Shore & Onshore Oil & Gas special needs as LNG liquefaction, handling and storage facilities, critical sea water systems on oil and gas producing platforms, corrosive service in mining installations, etc.

Westad supplies valves to the Oil & Gas Upstream market for applications including:

  • Offshore Production Platforms

  • FPSO's

  • Drilling Rigs

  • Platforms

  • Terminals

Westad supplies valves to the Oil & Gas Downstream market for applications including: 

  • LNG Liquefaction

  • Re-gasification

  • Transportation and loading

  • Refineries

  • Petrochemical