Plate heat exchangers & Freshwater Distillers

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Sondex is a Danish company founded in 1984 and is specialized in high-efficient plate heat exchangers and freshwater distillers for the marine industry.

Indicative products are:

Plate heat exchangers: standard, copper brazed, semi-welded and all-welded plate heat exchangers as well as customized heat transfer solutions for any task. The plates and plate patterns are constructed to obtain a high thermal efficiency with a low pressure drop. The inlet channels allow for maximum strength in the inlet area, whilst maintaining minimum of contact points, reducing blockage at the flow distribution zone. The inlet design ensures  even distribution of the liquids across the heating surface. The gasket is placed in a dedicated retaining gasket groove. This secures the elasticity of the gasket even after a long time of compression. All types available with Class certificates.

Freshwater Distillers: utilize the heat from the diesel engine jacket cooling water to produce pure drinkable water by means of evaporated sea water under high vacuum. This enables the feed water to evaporate at temperatures below 48°C. Products are based on two titanium plate heat exchangers acting as evaporators and condensers. They are available as Single Stage or Multi Stage.