Valves for Oil & Gas and Industrial Applications

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SNRI, Valco (France) offers a large range of specific valves from the MALBRANQUE brand recognized world-wide. Many Oil & Gas and Petrochemical applications were developed by Malbranque to meet special requirements such as :

  • Oil exploitation and operations using harsh and corrosive fluids ( sulphuric gas ).

  • Refining and petrochemicals using heavily charged fluids and/or high temperatures.

  • Tank storage of refinery products with Positive Safety valves from our range FireClap / FeederClap as well as TSV ( Thermo Safety Valves ).

  • Treatment of gases produced in Industry with a specific range of cryogenic valves.

These products , whether standard or special ( ‘’Y’’ type, Tilting Check or Safety equipment ) are proposed in different fabrication materials ( Carbon, Alloy Steels and Stainless Steel) reply to the highest international standards ( API 600, API6D, MESC, ASME..).

Indicative type of products are;