Pressure Vacuum Valves


SCANJET provides tank venting equipment for FPSO, chemical carriers, oil tankers, producttankers, supply vessels and offshore. The product line is the most efficient in terms of capacity, vent line diameter and conservation of cargo/inert gas. Scanjet is the only manufacturer operating its own test facility including corrosion testing, flash-back, endurance burning, flow and non-oscillating verification.

The Mark IV SuperGreen (Scanvent type) high velocity valve is the result of dedicated research into creating the ideal compromise between loss of tank vapour and non-oscillating behaviour, all in a simple package that appeals to low maintenance.

It features a combination of magnet power and air breaks, which are unique and patent applied for. It is truly non-oscillating as it complies with the two second no-metal-to-metal contact definition from ISO 15364:2007.

The vent features two discs: a small weight loaded one for thermal variations during voyage and full flow valve for use during loading and special occasions.

SCANJET can meet customer’s exact specification for venting and offer any relevant equipment such as VOCON mast riser system, In-line P/V valves, Flame screens/arresters, Gas Freeing covers & Test rigs.