Inert Gas System


Scanjet’s Feen IGS cover the whole range of system types and capabilities of inert gas systems. All our inert gas system on tankers and inert gas system on ships are designed and manufactured in-house and embody the knowledge gained over years of experience of production and service support.

All the inert gas systems can be fully manually operated, which ensures that safe off-loading can continue uninterrupted under all circumstances.
Scanjet Feen IGS is the only company whose inert gas systems main components are all produced in-house, meaning these systems on tankers are the most modern and efficient inert gas units on the market.

Products are covering the whole range of possible different types of IGS that might come up in specifications. All flow capacities can be met. The following six versions are available.IGG - Inert Gas Generator. Used when no boilers are installed.

  • IGG - Inert Gas Generator. Used when no boilers are installed.
  • F-IGS - Flue gas type inert gas system. Uses boiler exhaust. Normally used for large vessels like VLCC’s.
  • N2-Nitrogen Generator. Normally used when the cargo need to be protected from soot and water. Typically Chemical vessels, OSV. Where pure nitrogen is needed.
  • N2-PSA – Pressure Swing Adsorption. Cheaper than N2 but with more moving parts and therefore more maintenance. Also normally used when the cargo need to be protected from soot and water.
  • M-IGG – Multi type IGG, Flue gas type and Inert gas generator in one
  • L-IGG – Special setup for LNG/LPG vessels which includes chillers and heaters

Automation system ensures stable and very reliable operations with automatic capacity control corresponding to cargo discharge rate for fuel saving. If needed, it can be fully manually operated which gives operational freedom. All intelligent & critical parts are from Europe and predominately from Norway. Blowers are in-hose manufactured and 2 pieces of oxygen analyzers are used. Improved robust construction and fast technical support and after sales service cover each project to ensure reliable IGS operation for ship’ lifetime.