LNG Safety Transfer Systems


KLAW LNG safety transfer systems offer solutions to a specific segment of offshore/onshore LNG processing and management. This is the protection of transfers during LNG ship to ship, ship to shore and bunkering operations. LNG offshore hose transfer applications provided by KLAW LNG broadly falls within four categories.

Ship-to-Ship: Offshore Ship-to-Ship LNG transfer between vessels. 

Ship-to-shore: Transfer of LNG to and from shore terminals. 

Bunkering: Refueling of ships using LNG as a fuel. 

Mobile Response: KLAW LNG provides a Mobile Response service. 


KLAW LNG delivers safe ship-to-ship transfer systems for LNG carriers and LNGRV (LNG Regasification Vessels). Hundreds of commercial LNG transfers are safely and efficiently conducted every year using KLAW LNG safety transfer systems. KLAW LNG Emergency Release Systems minimize risk of LNG spillage by shutting down flow of LNG when an emergency occurs during transfer.

Integrating KLAW LNG systems into a LNG transfer system will help protect the system and other assets such as ships, hoses and equipment in the area of the spill. Risk of injury to personnel in the immediate area is therefore minimized and risk of contamination to others and the environment is also greatly reduced. If an emergency occurs, then the KLAW LNG safety system will help maintain the integrity of the closed system. Keeping the medium within the transfer system will therefore help ensure that you maintain control over the event.


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