Fire Fighting Systems

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FFS (Fire Fighting Systems) are leader in the fireboat market, proven by a long reference list. We have designed and delivered the complete external fire fighting system for the most significant fireboa ts during the recent years.
Fireboats are normally far more comprehensive and demanding than the standard fi-fi 1 and 2 systems delivered to tugs and offshore vessels. The complex system comprising a number of products tied up in a remote control system can be a challenge to any engineering company. It is important to have the complete system operation in mind during design process for optimum performance at minimum power consumption and equipment cost.
FFS will work closely to the ship designer and end-user for the best possible performing systems within budget and physical limits. Standard scope includes 3D systems performance analysis in the different operation modes described by the end user. Even the most comprehensive systems can be designed for one-man-safe operation. Products include: Monitor, Engineering, Controls, Deck Heads, Deluge, Valve, Fire Pumps, Pump with Transmission, Foam Mixer & Pump.
Solutions are designed for:
Tugboats: FFS has custom designed firefighting equipment for use on tugboats where space can be an issue. High capacity lean and green systems is provided all major tugboats builders.
Offshore Supply Vessels: FFS has a long tradition of delivering complete systems to a range of OSV, this includes traditional vessels and diesel electric driven vessels using electrical motors and soft starters.
Fireboats: FFS is the preferred supplier for larger fireboats across the world. We deliver the latest in fire fighting technology based on our extensive knowledge and trackrecord combined with use of cutting edge technology.