Drapilux-Marine Fabrics


Particularly in the maritime sector, textiles are subject to more stresses than in a private home, for example. No matter whether they are used on a container ship or a cruise ship, drapilux textiles are the ideal choice for coping with challenging conditions where hard work meets comfort, a fast pace of life meets beauty. Drapilux makes travelling a more beautiful experience and working at sea more convenient.
It is particularly important on board ships to comply with fire safety standards. With no escape routes and only limited options for fighting fires, preventive measures are absolutely essential. The legislation in this field is based on the resolutions made by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation). Textiles that comply with these requirements receive IMO certification. Drapilux maritime fabrics have achieved this certification and can, therefore, be used on board ships without hesitation.
Of course, the intelligent functions offered by our fabrics are ideal for our customers in the maritime industry since they make textiles into much more than just a means of decoration. They help to make everyday work easier and relieve the pressure on the crew. Functions such as Drapilux air in particular help to actively improve the indoor climate of what are often small spaces that are used by a high number of people. But the fact that all fabrics are equipped with Drapilux flammstop also makes the space safer.
Even with exceptional quality and functionality, the selected fabric still has to look the part, of course. As such, Drapilux offers a complete range of colours from elegant block colors to modern, patterned textiles. The staff in our design atelier are always investigating trends around the world, implementing the latest looks without sacrificing the classics.