Portable Gas Detection System


The Bruusgaard System (TBS) is a unique turnkey portable gas detection solution, giving you increased safety and substantial cost savings through standardized instruments, routines, training and procurement.

We are a world leading supplier of consumables for gas detection, with distribution hubs for calibration gas all around the globe. We offer quick and cost-efficient deliveries worldwide. Products include: The Bruusgaard System, Gas Detectors, Toxic Detection Tubes, Intoximeters, Breathing Air Test Kit, Test Kits for Water and Sewage, Calibration Gases, Discontinued instruments, Accessories.

At any given time, we know the status of all vessels and sites covered by The Bruusgaard System. Reduced maintenance costs are achieved through:

  • On board calibration
  • Fewer instruments on board
  • No need for spares on board
  • One PO per year
  • Increased safety
  • Less use of administrative time

And a bonus is the elimination of inspection and vetting remarks.

All the equipment used for gas detection and calibration is placed in a custom-made wall cabinet including Log & Instruction Manual, which are crucial to maintaining the safety integrity.

The Bruusgaard System (TBS) offers:

  • Standardized vessel specific gas detector solutions
  • Total solutions including all equipment and routines necessary for efficient and safe use, storage and maintenance