Level Instrumentation for Gas Carriers

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Henri Systems Holland is specialized in marine instrumentation aboard gas carriers with references from start of 1980’s.

Main product is the float type level gauge FTLG807, one of the most successful level gauges for LPG carriers. The FTLG807 makes it possible to “see” what is going on inside the cargo tanks. The ease of operation and maintenance, have been the key elements in the design philosophy with over 400 gas carriers equipped with HSH level gauges from small pressurized gas tankers to large LNG carriers.

Main features are:

  • Competitive & reliable level gauge

  • Small size design for float , guide pipe and isolation valve

  • Approvals by major Class Societies

  • Gas tight separation between cargo and drive compartment via magnetic coupling

  • Interlocking with SNRI isolation valve: The interlocking with SNRI isolation valve reduces the cutting of the wire at closing of the valve. It works with a lockable system which requires the hand crank of the gauge level to unlock the valve (magnetic device).

Other products include the AMTG Series Remote Level Indicator for centralized display of the level gauge and the HLA 907 developed for high level and overfill alarm applications with infra-red, failsafe and self checking optical level sensors.