Vessel Performance Monitoring Systems

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GreenSteam is a marine data intelligence company specializing in improving vessel efficiency through machine learning. GreenSteam implements solutions on vessels of all types. Founded in 2007, the company is located in Denmark, United Kingdom and Poland and currently employs more than 50 people. GreenSteam is majority owned by BP/Castrol.

By implementing machine learning technology, GreenSteam accurately measures and identifies every factor, however small, including those that are often overlooked by other models because they are perceived as immaterial or difficult to quantify. Tailored services include: Discover, Fouling Analyzer, Dynamic Trim Optimizer, Trim Planner & Speed Optimizer.

Discover requires low initial investment and is a low-risk route to understanding where and how you can increase operational performance by giving clear insights into where your biggest savings can be made.

Fouling Analyzer provides you with the most accurate analysis of hull fouling available. All events and trends are shown clearly on graphs.

Dynamic Trim Optimizer enables your crew to maintain optimal vessel trim and fuel efficiency. It dynamically changes due to environment and provides accurate advice.

Using Trim Planner, a ship can gain insight into the optimum trim with our easy to read heatmap. Improving loading cargo and adjusting water ballast for the best efficiency.

Speed Optimizer allows you to optimize your vessel’s speed profile over the entire voyage to meet ETA at the lowest fuel consumption. It deeply understands vessel performance and takes account of weather and sea state forecasts, to provide the best advice to the crew to meet their target arrival and minimize fuel wastage.