Cargo Valves for Tankers

2015 Westad logo incl Klinger 1

The company was established in 1895 by Daniel Westad and started to manufacture valves for local pulp and paper industry. Around 1950, business developed to include the Marine industry. Today, Westad, located at Geithus, outside Oslo, designs and manufacture high performance double and triple offset butterfly valves in preferred materials for LNG, LPG, chemicals and other critical applications.

Especially for Chemical-Product tankers & Crude carriers, available cargo valves are;

Scorpio - Double and Triple Offset High Performance Butterfly Valve Pressure rating: ANSI Class 150 / 300 / 600 Temperature range: + 450°C to -110°C Size range: DN 80 – 1200 Materials: Different types of Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, Titanium, Ni-Al-Bronze Flanged, wafer and lug types Services: Chemicals, Oil products

Oilseal - Double Offset Butterfly Valve Pressure rating: Up to 20 bar Temp. range: + 120°C to -30°C Size range: DN 80 – 1200 Materials: Cast Steel and Nodular Cast Iron Sealing Material: FPM (VITON) Flanged, wafer and lug types Services: Cargo systems for crude oil and product tankers.