VOCON systems


SCANJET’s new line of high velocity p/v valves are specifically designed to permit release during voyage of over-pressure only, hence solving the VOC loss issue instantaneous.

These valves are now in service in numbers exceeding 2600 on VLCCs to parcel tankers and bitumen barges, and have provided optimum levels of reliability due to the unique full bore net clearance in the valve body. All other valve designs have narrow gas-passage ways with gaps of 3-10 mm; here the net-clearance is 100%.

Owing to crude oil venting specifications calling for controlled mast riser venting, i.e., systems that are in fact less VOC efficient than the stand-alone SCANJET valves, market demand is answered by taking advantage of SCANJET’s package of tank level and pressure monitoring.

Scanjet VOCON valve specifications;

  • Ex approved e-actuator solution with frequency converter and PLC in CCR

  • Valve disc closing pressure maintained constantly by e-actuator, which also functions as stand-still heating.

  • Opening setting and closing pressure are programmable

  • Disc lift time is programmable to allow a minimum blow-down

  • Check-lift function from CCR

  • Manual opening and closing

  • Self-closing in case of power failure to maintain IG pressure

VOCTrac system based on intelligent mast riser full flow valve and SCANJET dual nozzle P/V valve. Consists of:

  1. Inert gas blower

  2. Pressure sensor

  3. Dual nozzle high velocity valve, nil blow-down during vayage from VOC dedicated valve

  4. Mandatory isolation valve

  5. PLC

  6. VOCTrac full flow valve

  7. Flame screen