Ballalst Tank Level Gauging, E/R Instruments & UPS


Scanjet can deliver below three systems to new buildings cargo or passenger vessels; 

Scanjet Tank Level Gauging (TLG), Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) & E/R Instruments

Scanjet Macron is a joint-venture company established in 2006 with Scanjet Marine AB, Sweden, the leading producer of tank cleaning & venting equipment. Extensive sales & service network is maintained for New Building & Retrofit projects through Scanjet offices & production facilities in Sweden, Netherlands, Singapore and Korea. Products available for wet & dry cargo vessels, passenger ships and off shore sector include:

Ballast TLG & Draft Measuring System

Scanjet SML 1000 D measures continuously the fluid level in water ballast tanks, fuel tanks, fresh water tanks, lube oil tanks and other tanks, as well as drafts. Also water ingress in dry compartments and empty tanks can be detected and level measured with this system.

Scanjet Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level Gauging (TLG) systems are based on the electro-pneumatic principle of measuring the fluid counter pressure in tanks by blowing air through measuring pipes into the tanks. No pulling of sensors cables inside tanks and through bulkheads is needed making hardly any need for spares or service.

The system is designed for support digital communication as well as standard analogue signal (DC 4-20mA) to ship automation or loading computer. Tank measuring system is optimized using different size of cabinets allowing for significant cost reductions and easier installation

The robust sensors have good long term stability, high repeatability and low hysteresis whilst they are not affected by low temperature.


Scanjet UPS SMU-SERIES are designed for marine & offshore applications including general service, navigation system, computer system and emergency lighting.

There are two series for output:

  1. Single phase output; 5kVA – 30kVA (up to 200kVA available on request)

  2. Three phase output; 10kVA – 200kVA (up to 300kVA available on request)

Main options are:

12 Pulse and All IGBT rectifier for harmonics reduction

  1. Parallel system for Redundancy system

  2. Battery compensation charge function

  3. Ingress Protection Rating up to IP44

  4. Battery Management System

  5. Remote control system by serial communication

Their benefits-key features include; Double conversion On-line UPS, Customized to meet customer’s specifications, Intuitive human machine interface and touch screen display, Front access for easy maintenance, Support vented/sealed lead-acid and Ni-Cd batteries.

Engine Room Instruments

Scanjet can deliver Engine Room instrumentation package (switches, gauges & transmitters) for pressure, temperature, level and flow measuring applications. Instruments are either produced in-house or are sourced from well-known makers.