Oil Discharge Monitoring, High Level Overfill Alarm & Vapor Emission Control


In addition to Tank Cleaning Machines & P/V Valves, Scanjet can offer to Tankers projects below systems for Cargo Control; 

Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME)

Scanjet ODME system operates in a fully automatic mode, with automatic operation of the overboard and the slop tank valves, storing all details about the discharge.

The sample water stream is fed into the measuring cell by the sample feed pump and is passed through a glass tube where it is exposed to a light beam. Among its key features are;Exd type electric built in sample pump, No permanent fresh water connection needed, Less installation needed & no demand for on-board calibration and is Certified according to MEPC.108(49), Bio-Fuel Blend Regulations MEPC.1/Circ.761/Rev1 and MEPC.240(65).

High Level Overfill Alarm (HLOA)

Scanjet Independent High Level and Overfill Alarm System is based on magnetic floats moving upward with rising fluid level. The hermetically sealed reed switch is activated by the magnetic float. This signal is connected to an alarm display unit via IS barrier. The system complies with the latest IMO, USCG and classification requirements.

Vapor Emission Control Systems (VECS)

Scanjet Vapour Emission Control System is developed to monitor the vapour pressure and oxygen contents in the vapour main collection lines during discharging oil from tank vessels, as required by IMO and USCG regulation CFR 46 part 39, parameter 39.20-13.

The system consists of a detector cabinet mounted on deck nearby the vapour manifolds with EEx ia approved oxygen and pressure sensors, flow fall switch, 5 way manifold selector and calibration facility.