Torque Meters & Ship Performance


The BMT SMARTPOWER Torque Meter completes the entire signal processing on shaft and transmits serial (digital) data directly from the shaft rotor to the shaft stator. By processing the signals on shaft into a digital format the system eliminates errors from signal noise, signal drift and data transmission. Key elements of the system:

•Dual channel shaft mounted strain sensor

•Modular rotor assembly that receives and conditions power from the stator to power the on-shaft electronics

•Stator power head with shaft speed sensor and signal receiver unit

•Stator control unit supplying all outputs

Standard Control Unit is Mounted on, or up to 10m from stator post. The control unit also provides power to the stator. Includes a 4 line LCD for display of Shaft Power, Torque, RPM and System status. As an option, system can include an external 7” Panel mounted Touch screen for installation in ECR or at Bridge.


•Shaft Power, Torque, Speed & Running hours measurement

•Optional: Thrust & Dynamic Torque

•Extensive data output formats

•USB port for direct export to memory stick

•Fully compatible with BMT SMART Vessel Performance Monitoring System

•Easy Installation, Calibration and Setup

•Allows a large rotor to stator mounting tolerance up to 15mm

•High sample rate allowing shaft and transmission analysis

•Shaft sizes from 150-1200mm

•Cost effective

The system can be extended to provide additional channels of information and dynamic data from the shaft, such as:

Shaft Thrust – with some shaft arrangements it is possible to monitor the thrust developed by the propulsion system from the shaft stresses.
Shaft Bending – Accessing the alignment of the shaft both in static index positions and while rotating in a range of test modes. Ongoing monitoring of the amplitude of these signals will be indicative of shaft and bearing wear issues.
Shaft Dynamic Torque – superimposed on the average shaft torque additional data is available relating to the propeller condition and cavitation, the status of other gearing on the shaft and on major transient events seen by the shaft.


Power Shaft Torsion Metering Interface can be integrated with a number of singals from flow meters, bridge, etc. to formulate a ship performance monitoring system (VESSEL LITE). Measured values can be monitored with graphics & trending (Spot Value, 4 hour Trend, Last 1 min Min & Max), archived (statistics & history) & brought ashore for further processing.