Ballast Valve Remote Control System

Scana skarpenord

Scana Skarpenord is a daughter company of Scana Industries ASA, a Nordic industrial group with more than 1,900 employees in Scandinavia, Asia and the USA. Scana Skarpenord AS has been in the market since 1970, and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of valve remote control systems for the shipping and offshore Industries. The company delivers hydraulic actuators and complete VRC systems to Customers all over the world. All activities, from marketing and sales to assembly and testing of the final product are carried out at the plant in Norway.

The basic component in the system is the well-known ¼ turn, Scotch Yoke type hydraulic actuator. The actuators can be delivered as single acting type(fail safe function, ESD systems) and double acting types. The actuators can be mounted on nearly all types of ball and butterfly valves.The hydraulic control units and HPU’s are designed to meet the functionality requirements set by the various specifications, and high quality components from reputable suppliers are chosen to secure safe and reliable operation.Taylor made, self standing PC/PLC based operating systems can be delivered as part of the package from Scana Skarpenord.

Scana Skarpenord has supplied equipment for remote control of valves for more than 2000 ships and rigs, and various fixed platforms in the North Sea. Spare parts can be delivered for existing installations, and maintenance, repair, upgrading and modification of existing equipment can be offered.The company’s skilled service engineers can also assist on site.

Scana has subsidiary companies in USA, Singapore, Brazil, China and South-Korea.