Radar Cargo Level Monitoring


Scanjet delivers Cargo Level Monitoring by none contact Microwave Radar technology. They offer a complete automatic level gauging and cargo monitoring system for tankers being one of the most comprehensive and accurate systems available for this specific application.
Together with advanced signal handling and computer technology, the functions included are follows:

  • Level gauging in cargo, slop, ballast, and fuel oil tanks.
  • Density measurement in cargo, slop, and fuel oil tanks (only with pressure sensors).
  • Vapor (inert gas) pressure in cargo and slop tanks.
  • Draft measurement.
  • Loading computer for intact stability and stress with load planning.
  • Print out of cargo and transfer reports.
  • Serial line interface for communications with other systems available.
  • High level and overfill alarm.

The modular and compact design makes Scanjet Cargo Level an attractive solution for any new building or retrofit installation.

Non-contact Microwave Radar

One of the few marine microwave ullage gauges featuring 4-20 mA signal & power on a two core cable, thus providing for simple, fast and cost effective installation for both new buildings and retrofit projects. Because of its unique design and technology there is no need for large and tall adapter trunks in order to fit radar to the deck. The system provides for automatic trim and list correction and allows exporting of level either at the flotation centre of the tank, at the sensor location or at the sounding pipe.
Radar Applications:

  • Crude Oil Tanks
  • FPSO Tanks
  • Chemical / Products Cargo Tanks
  • LNG Tanks
  • Deck / Slop Tanks
  • Solids Cargo Tanks
  • Ballast, Fuel and Service Tanks
  • Bitumen.


  • High accuracy in all kinds of cargo.
  • Compact design and easy installation.
  • Superior technology allowing fitment close to the tank side also on smaller tanks.
  • For Chemical and Oil/Product tank installations a special PTFE flange seal provides a non stick surface that eliminates cargo buildup on the radar antenna.
  • Measuring of the solids cargo level that previously could not be done accurately with radar.

Technical details:

  • Measurement range: up to 35 meters (solids: 70 m
  • Accuracy: +/-3 mm, Repeatability: +/-1 mm.
  • Applications: Any kind of liquid / solids.
  • Process fitting: Flange from DN50 and up (typical DN80), thread 2.5”.
  • Product temperature: -200 °C ... +400 °C.
  • Ambient operating temperature: -40 ... to +85 °C.
  • Process pressure: -1 ... +16 bar.
  • Emitting frequency: K / C Band.