Emulsified Fuel Systems

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Blue Ocean Solutions Pte Ltd (BOS) offers ship owners the solution to have smaller carbon footprint by achieving more efficient fuel combustion and cleaner emissions.
Being 70% owned by Keppel Corporation (www.kepcorp.com), BOS core business is to provide a practical and innovative emulsified fuel system (EFS) for marine diesel engines that assures 2-5% fuel savings and reduced NOx emission. Company was established in 2010 in response to the demand for fuel saving solutions due to the rising oil prices and stricter emission control. Blue Ocean Solutions has offices in Singapore and in Finland. Our EFS can be applied to medium speed and slow speed marine diesel engines and it is capable of handling multi-fuels like HFO, MDO and MGO.
Success story of Blue Ocean Solutions started in July 2010. The company was founded by Dr. Ng Kok Loon. He graduated with a Marine Engineering degree (1st class Honours) from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne under the sponsorship of a Colombo Plan scholarship. He worked with Prof RV Thompson on the applications of emulsified fuel to marine diesel engines as a research assistant in the 1980’s while working on his doctorate degree. Dr. Ng continued his research work in emulsified fuel system at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with the support of the National Science Council and Neptune Orient Lines. Currently, Dr. Ng has 2 patents with several pending on emulsified fuel technology.
BOS Emulsified Fuel System improves the combustion efficiency by producing stable water-in-fuel emulsions to improve injector fuel atomization. Smaller fuel droplets will achieve better fuel-air mixture as more fuel-air surface will be available for combustion. Therefore, the key to achieve better combustion is to create a secondary atomization effect by adding water into the fuel. The secondary atomization effect creates even smaller fuel droplets after injection.
In addition to the measured fuel savings of 2-5%, firm evidence of better combustion has also been recorded in the form of increased heat release rate.
REDUCED NOx EMISSION: The system reduces NOx by reducing the combustion temperatures. It has been established that 1% of water reduces NOx by about 1%. The system can reduce NOx up to 20% meeting TIER II requirement.
SMALLER SCR: As the system reduces NOx up to 20%, it can complement Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology. The size of SCR can also be reduced by 20% which reduces CAPEX and OPEX by analogous amount.
CLEANER EXHAUST AND ENGINE: Blue Ocean Solutions Emulsified Fuel System cleans the exhaust and reduces PM emissions. The better combustion and the presence of steam reduce and soften the soot, resulting in cleaner exhaust. This is evident visibly in the emission from the funnel.
BOS ENGINE PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE: In addition to Emulsified Fuel systems, Blue Ocean Solutions has introduced Engine Performance Software, which can be delivered to the customers as an add-on to Emulsified Fuel System (EFS) to evaluate the performance of marine engines. The software is an important extension of the Emulsified Fuel System as the operational data of the engine is used to identify the fuel savings gained from the system as well as any abnormality in operation of the engine. The evaluation of the engine condition helps in preventive maintenance, restoring fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.


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