Ballast Water Management Systems

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DESMI BWM system RayClean is based on mechanical filtration and UV radiation. The mechanical filtration is done with automatic back flushing filter developed especially for ballast water by Boll & Kirch. The filter employs screen filter with 30 micron wire mesh. The UV treatment takes place in a specially designed and optimized UV reactor that has a Treatment Rated Capacity (TRC) of 300 m3/h. Larger system flow rates are obtained by installing more UV reactors in parallel, and can reach a flow rate of 3000 m3/h. The RayCleanTM system uses highly effective low pressure UV lamps that reduces the system energy consumption with 30-50% compared to competing systems using medium pressure UV lamps. At same time, RayClean low pressure UV lamps ensure highest lifetime of approx. 12,00 hours minimizing all operational costs. Handling by crew is totally safe as no chemicals are used for treatment or process and DESMI low pressure UV-lamps do not contain mercury in liquid form. 

The operation of the RayCleanTM system is fully automated - the crew just have to start and stop ballast operations as they are used to. The RayClean system automatically adapts the treatment to the quality of the water. In very clear water the UV lamps are dimmed in order to reduce the energy consumption and in very dirty and unclear water the flow rate is reduced. This results in a system that can cope with more challenging water conditions than any other system - and with the lowest energy consumption in class!
Systems can be delivered in of the following ways; loose components, skid or semi-skid mounted, complete or containerized system. Each way is possible according to project (new build / retrofit), type of vessel, availability of space, etc. to ensure flexible configuration & easy integration.