Fleet / Vessel Performance Monitoring Systems


BMT Smart is part of British Maritime Technologies Group, a leading international design, science and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. BMT has over 30 years’ expertise and experience in the specialist area of fleet and vessel performance management. 

BMT SMART is dedicated to delivering solutions for cost-effective fleet performance management. Vessel performance data are automatically collected on-board as your advanced BMT SMART solution interfaces with systems and sensors. Panel displays and on-board computers can be used to present key trending information and live feedback continually to the crew. The BMT PC collects data from an Analogue interface unit, installed in the engine room, and an NMEA serial interface taking feeds from the Bridge. The parameters and KPI’s are all displayed graphically on a 15” touchscreen monitor available as flush or panel mount. Satellite communications are used to automatically relay the vessel’s performance data ashore while also updating the on-board system.

All that information is stored securely on our servers, where being modeled with BMT’s high-quality Metocean data. BMT’s web-based platform provides easy and intuitive access to manage and analyze vessel and fleet performance. The data sent ashore are checked on a daily basis, by BMT SMART, for any anomalies or signs of sensor problems. The system makes usage of five performance coefficients (Power, Hull condition, Propeller Condition, Fuel and Specific Fuel Oil Consumption). These coefficients are computed from vessel in-service parameters, such as shaft power, shaft rotational speed, draught and log speed. Data are collected frequently and sent ashore as 5 minute averages. The benefit analysis filter removes observations recorded during time periods when the ship is operated in conditions of adverse weather (primarily wind speed and wave height, as well as swell), areas of shallow water and at transient conditions, for example, while maneuvering or when the ship’s speed changes.

With their deep industry knowledge, BMT can provide you with independent, impartial advice and updates to ensure that you stay up-to-speed with the latest rules and regulations, as well as being compliant. More and more owners, operators and charterers are “digitizing” their shipping operations in order to become more efficient & competitive.

BMT can ensure that all your ships are SMART ships.