Deck Flooring Solutions

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Bolidt was founded in 1964 and is based in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the Netherlands. They develop, produce and apply thermosetting synthetics and offer industrial flooring systems; sports systems, such as sports flooring, athletic tracks, and indoor and outdoor fitness applications; and wearing courses for bridges, roofs, rooftop car parks, and ramps. The company also provides deck systems, such as flexible deck finishing systems for luxurious and functional offshore applications; coating systems; and conductive/dissipative flooring systems. In addition, it offers low charging flooring systems that prevent a person from being electrically charged to minimize static electricity; casting compounding compounds for leveling, gluing, and grouting; wearing courses for bridges; and casting compounds that are applied as rail fixations and rail dampers for trains and trams. The company’s products are used in industrial, food, public buildings, civil-rail-infra, sport, and shipbuilding applications. In shipbuilding, Bolidt is worldwide leading maker for deck & outside flooring solutions applied in Cruise & Passenger ships, Navy vessels & High performance yachts.